Wednesday, February 20, 2008

avon horizon blush

I know you're thinking right now....Avon? Isn't that a really.

About twenty years ago...when I was in my teens...wait a minute did I just say 20 YEARS AGO?! Wow...I feel really old right now...I think I need a moment here.....

...okay...I'm where was I?

Oh yeah...I was saying that...back then...when I was a teen...I remember having a friend, whose mother sold Avon. Her house was crammed full of the stuff.

My friend's mom would try and push Avon on to anybody who walked in the door. She was also such a believer in her products that she (of course) used them on herself...and did she ever. disrespect to my friend's mom...but she plastered herself with the makeup. So much so that it looked caked on. She sold her wares to other women in the neighborhood, mainly women in their 40's and 50's, as well. Many of whom, trust me on this, plastered it on a much as her.

The reason why I'm telling you this, is because that was my first time I had ever experienced Avon. So for that reason, it was ingrained in my mind that Avon = horrible middle aged makeup.

Well that feeling is definitely about to change.

Enter Jillian Dempsey...wife to McDreamy himself...who is working on revamping the image of the brand. It should be noted that Jillian is famous in her own right, she is a makeup artist who has worked her magic on many a celebrity face.

One of her offerings for Spring 2008, is the blush you see above. It's called Horizon Blush. It's called this because it...well...resembles a horizon...but with blush. It starts out darker at one end of the compact and gradually transitions to a sheer version of the same color. It's genius because it gives you the ability to choose how you want to wear your color that day...sheer and subtle, or bright and bold.

The best part's only $7.99.

Unfortunately, you can't purchase the blush yet...but it will be available soon. You also don't need to have an Avon representative...they have a website that allows you to buy their products and have them mailed to you.

If you do decide to use a rep, they give you the ability to find one in your area. It wouldn't hurt to use one either, they can help you out with colors and give out samples of products that you might want to try. Plus, they can give you inside information about the brand that you otherwise might not be aware of.

Besides...I'm sure they've come a looonnnngggg way since my friend's mom.

Whatever you decide to do...head on over to to check out this and many other offerings (I hear they have an eye creme that's fantastic!)

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