Friday, February 29, 2008

beauty 101 - growing out bangs

Bangs are definitely hot this season. If you don't have them now, chances are you considered getting them at some point. Especially after seeing a celebrity (such as Katie Holmes) looking so fantastic with them.

I have to confess. I took the plunge and got the bangs.

I loved them...for about a month.

And now?

I'm growing them out.

Those of you that have done this before, can understand what I am going through right now...they are a royal pain in the you-know-what to grow out.

Fortunately, I have learned two tricks that make the process a little easier to bear.

1. Sweep Your Bangs to the Side: This might sound like a no-brainer, but it changes the look of your bangs and gets them out of your eyes. Especially when they are at that crazy stage where they aren't long enough to tuck behind your ears. You can really do this with almost any length bang...just choose a side to sweep them to. If your bangs are too heavy and blunt, ask your stylist if they could thin them out or texturize them...mine does this and it makes a huge difference. Also, once your bangs are long enough, you can ask your stylist to angle them ever so slightly...that aids in the sweeping and takes away the bulkiness as well.

2. Add Hair Accessories: There are several different types of hair accessories to choose from...and many that won't leave you looking like a pre-schooler. My two favorites are a wide headband (one in a tortoise color and one solid black-Goody makes great cheap ones) and barrettes that are similar in shade to my hair color. But, you could find other styles that suit your taste. I did a quick search and came up with a couple more...they are on the pricey side...but, you could use them for inspiration:

This headband is by Eugenia Kim. It's her multi-strap headband in silver. It's pricey ($85), but really cute. It features an elastic underneath, for keeping it snug on your head.

These are by L. Erickson ($45), they are elastic loop headband scarves. I love the pucci-esque patterns and colors. These would give a great shot of color to a neutral outfit.

Finally, these are by France Luxe ($10). I love the colors and shape. They look feminine, without looking childish. These are great for sweeping your bangs to one side and keeping them there.

Well...there you go. I hope I've been some help. Feel free to leave a comment telling us what you do to grow out your bangs...we'd love to hear it.


photo of katie holmes courtesy of

eugenia kim headband can be purchased at

both the l. erickson headscarf and the france luxe barrettes can be found at


kate said...

Also growing out my bangs, I discovered a great site,, which has an amazing selection of beautiful headbands and other hair ornaments that allow me to push back hair from my face in a most elegant way. Frankly, I'm so happy with their headbands I don't care how long it takes for my bangs to grow out!

Jennifer said...

Welcome and thanks for visiting our blog!
I visited the site you mentioned and she does have a great selection of hair accessories that would appeal to a wide range of tastes! I also love the fact that she is from the DC area!
Great tip!

niXXie said...

I've been thinking of getting bangs for the longest I'm thinking I might not. Should I get my bangs cut already sideswept?? hmm...good article!

Jennifer said...

I do the same thing every time...I grow out my bangs and then get bored and cut them's a vicious cycle! lol!
But, really, getting my bangs cut on a slight angle helps a lot. Let me know what you decide to do!

BTW nice of you to visit us again and thanks for the compliment!

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