Thursday, February 28, 2008

beauty buys under $10 - covergirl cheekers blush

To me...this is a product that should go into the Beauty Hall of's that good.

Not only is it insanely inexpensive...hello, it's $3.99! It also comes in eighteen different shades that are suitable for a wide range of skin tones.

I picked up my Cheekers Blush at my local Ulta. I chose the Pretty Peach color, because Lord knows I have more than enough pinks and nudes.

When I got home, I immediately threw away the brush that came in the package. Why? Because it's cheaply made and doesn't allow you to apply it as well as a separate makeup brush. I used my Bobbi Brown Blush Brush ($45) to apply the color to the apples of my cheeks and liked what I saw.

The color was actually really flattering on me. I have fair to medium skin with a yellow undertone...and this was a good color choice. It gave a nice subtle flush to my cheeks. Perfect.

The color was also buildable, with a pretty sheen. I love how it was luminous and not frosty - if you have ever used drugstore blushes in the past, you know what I mean.

Now...will I give up my other blushes and use the Cheekers only? I could never give up my other colors and brands, or the thrill of hitting Nordstom during a beauty event.

But, you can't deny the bargain that is Cover Girl. They put out a quality product, that more than delivers. The best part is, you can get four different blushes for the cost of one department store brand.

The bottom line is this...if you have a favorite department store blush...use it. If you're thinking about trying a more inexpensive blush, or want to try out a new color without breaking the bank...Cheekers is the way to go.

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