Monday, February 11, 2008

beauty buys under $10 - spornette brushes

You are looking at one of my favorite beauty buys, for under $10.

These are by Spornette and they are from their Porcupine Collection.

I have had the awesome little gem on the right, for...oh....roughly eight years. Seriously. Eight years!!

It is the brush that I cannot live without.

The great part about it is the fact that it grabs the hair, without yanking it. It helps me get my fine, thick hair, perfectly straight.

It's two inches in diameter, and that's the perfect size for my chin length hair. If your hair is on the longer side, you might want to go for the G-36 XL. That's three inches in diameter.

Both are excellent, and both are under $10. The G-36 (my choice) is $5.95 and the G-36XL is $7.50. Try my favorite site,, to purchase.


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