Sunday, February 17, 2008

beauty buys under $10 - victoria's secret lipgloss

I love a great lip gloss.'s my go to choice when I want to add a little ooomph to my lips and I don't want to go for a full on lipstick application. What could be easier than untwisting the end and applying the product sans mirror? It's a no brainer.

My favorite type of gloss is one that has barely any color to it. Why? Because it doesn't try to compete with your lip color, it just enhances it. The best gloss will contain a hint of color and give a great shine to your lips.

When it can do that for under $'s a find.

Beauty Rush in Candy Baby, by Victoria's Secret Beauty, is a real gem. First of all, the's $7. If you buy three, you'll pay only $15. Many glosses don't even start at that price. Juicy Tubes by Lancome come close at $18, but that's just for one!

What's great about this gloss, is the fact that it gives a shine to your lips without looking gloppy. It smells great, and tastes even better...although I am not recommending eating it.

Head on over to your nearest Victoria's Secret, to try out the other amazing colors... they have thirty to choose from!


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Mischo Beauty said...

Love the blog and glad to see you're from the area! Have you had a chance to check out "The Makeup Girl" or "All About The Pretty"? They're both from the area as well. Also, have you checked out They're searching for beauty bloggers to join their blogging community...

Jennifer said...

Thanks! Same goes for your blog!
I'll have to check those out! When I saw you were from the area...I felt a kinship!

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