Tuesday, February 12, 2008

kerastase masquintense

All right, I guess it's time I put something up here so here goes...

My name is Christine and just like my friend Jennifer, I am a stay-at-home mom, in my thirties, who enjoys shopping way more than I should... especially for beauty products.

And since my husband would like us to be able to retire someday and actually have money in the bank, I can't always get the top-of-the-line product on the market. That's generally not a problem for me, because (I have come to find out) these top dollar items aren't always the best.

That's usually the case...

But today is not one of those days...enter Kerastase Masquintense for Fine Hair. It claims to "restore vitality, shine, and lightness to fine hair that is also very dry and sensitized".

Let me just start of by saying that I have naturally blonde, fine hair, with some highlights. And the very idea of putting anything more than a drop of conditioner on my hair makes me cringe, knowing it is going to result in a horrendous hair day.

So, when a friend suggested I try her Masquintense, I said sure - I'll try just about any beauty product at least once - but I tried it on a Sunday, knowing I wasn't leaving the house in case the horrendous happened.

In the shower, it felt like I had dumped a whole bottle of conditioner on my hair. So, once I was out of the shower and ready to reach for the hair dryer, I skipped my normal drop of biosilk and continued to blow-dry as usual. When I was done, I couldn't believe the result. My hair was soft (but not the gross over-conditioned kind of soft) and still had plenty of volume that lasted all day.

I am very impressed with this little product, although I don't think I would use it everyday - maybe a couple of times a week, but definitely once a week. I have used it a couple of times now - once with a Keratase shampoo and once with my regular shampoo (Matrix Amplify). And it seems to work equally well with either shampoo.

The only downfall...this wonderful little gem is $53. But, for how little you would use, I could see it lasting a long, long time.

You can purchase this at www.kerastase.com and receive two free samples with any order...and who doesn't love free samples? I'm using a couple now, but more on that later...



Samantha said...

I'm almost convinced to try it!...but for 50-odd dollars, plus tax I think I'll stick to my herbal essence w/ coconut milk :)

Jennifer (aka Mommy J) said...

I know...believe me...when my husband found out I spent that much on a conditioner...he just about lost his mind! I only use it once a week (or so) as a deep conditioner though, and it's soooo rich that I'm still working on a jar that I bought in August!

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