Friday, February 15, 2008

lancome primordiale eye skin recharge

If you ever want to have a good laugh...head on over to your favorite department store website and check out their eye creme descriptions. Seriously.

They go on and on about how this creme will revive your tired eyes, how that one will reduce dark circles and puffiness, how this one will eliminate wrinkles, and how that one will turn you into a supermodel with one application.

Well...that last one I made up...but, really...come they really expect us to believe this hype?

I recently ran out of my favorite Estee Lauder eye creme and, since I made a promise to Big L that I wouldn't spend over $50 this time, I went on a quest for the Fountain of Youth in a jar.

My first destination on the quest, took me to my local Target. While I was picking up some necessities for the house, I passed by the skincare aisle. Thinking that I would impress my husband with my frugality, I decided to try one of the L'oreal eye cremes. It set me back about $15 and I marched happily out of the Target with my new bounty.

That night, I washed my face as usual and applied my moisturizer and new eye creme. I should mention that the jar promised me (almost) instant results...what I got was...meh.

It was okay. I shouldn't have expected much because the creme didn't feel as thick as my beloved Estee eye creme. It actually felt very thin, almost watery. I didn't feel that the skin underneath my eyes felt hydrated enough either. It also promised to make the skin appear luminous, yeah right. To me, it seemed to pronounce my dark circles and lines.

The next day, when I applied it again (to give it a second chance), it seemed to sink in so quickly that it didn't provide enough slip for my concealor. A big uh-uh in my book. To me, an eye creme should hydrate without being greasy, and provide enough of a "slip", so that your concealor goes on smoothly.

Needless to say...I was not satisfied.

I decided to continue on my quest and take a trip to the nearest Nordstrom.

After looking around the cosmetics department for a while, I headed over to the Lancome counter. I had tried Lancome in the past...but switched to Estee for reasons that escape me now. Anyway, there at the counter, I explained what I was looking for...a creme that helped with undereye circles, provided hydration, and helped with the fine lines I was starting to see. And, it had to be under $50.

She handed me the jar of eye creme that you see above.

It's called Primordiale Eye Skin Recharge, Visibly Smooth Renewing Treatment. It retails for $48, but boy does it deliver. When I first put it on, I noticed how it hydrated the skin under my eyes. The hydration continues throughout the day, believe it or not. While it didn't wipe out the darkness under the eyes, it definitely made them appear lighter (due to the tiny little light deflectors in the creme). I was able to apply my concealor without tugging at my skin as well!

Now...I know that this eye creme really isn't the fountain of youth. And you really can't expect miraculous results from just a $50 eye creme...that would take thousands of dollars and a trip to a plastic surgeon.

But...for does just fine.

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