Friday, February 22, 2008

mousse lee by cibu

When I style my hair at home, the only styling product I use is a blow drying cream/spray that helps to protect my hair. It gives me the look I love without using a lot of gunk. And I like it that way.

Flash back to yesterday. After my usual excellent haircut and color, my stylist decided to try something new and added this mousse to my hair before blow drying. It's by Cibu and it's their Mousse Lee Foaming Volumizer ($14 for 8.45 oz).

At first, I let out a silent groan.

You see...I have an aversion to mousse and volumizing products in general. I prefer a sleek look, to one of pouffiness...which is the result I have always gotten from past mousse applications.

After she applied the mousse and blew it dry, though, I couldn't believe it.

The result? Unbelievable volume, with softness and shine that lasted all day and into the night. And without the pouffiness!

Now, while I wouldn't use this everyday...I could see myself using this when I want to have volume with major staying power. Especially for an evening out or for a dressy event that required me to be out for hours.

The smell of their products is intoxicating...a unisex scent that smells great on a man or woman. When the shampoo assistant was washing my hair with the Cibu shampoo and conditioner, I almost fell asleep. They also use a lot of flower extracts and conditioning oils in their products as well. And you have to love a company who uses offbeat names like Mousse Lee and Miso Knotty (a leave in detangler) for their products.

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