Thursday, February 14, 2008

nail envy

My nails tend to be on the short side.

Believe's not from lack of trying. I try to grow them longer...I really do. The problem is, once they start to get longer, they tend to peel and break.

It's not like I want my nails to grow to epic proportions either. Just long enough so that they all look more uniform and can be filed to that cute rounded, square-ish shape.

I think that I have finally found my savior...O.P.I's Original Nail Envy.

I applied this magic potion to my nails last week, after cleaning out my closet and realizing that I bought it...but never tried it. I filed my nails as best I could, trying to get something that resembled a shape, and applied two coats to each nail. Over the course of the next week...I applied another two coats.

After a week....all I have to say is....WOW!

I cannot believe how much my nails have grown. They feel stronger too. They have reached a point, dear reader, where I will have to go to a manicurist this weekend to have her file them down a little and give them that cute, rounded, square-ish shape. Really.


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