Monday, February 11, 2008


Welcome to the new (and improved) blog...Beauty in Real Life.

If you have frequented this blog might know it by its former name, The Daily Adventures of Mommy J.

Not only has there been a name change here...we are also adding a lot of new things.

First off...I would like to introduce a new member to the Beauty in Real Life team. Her name is Christine, and she is joining the blog as a co-writer. She is a good friend who, like me, is a mom in her thirties (actually...she just turned 30). She also has a love for makeup (like me as well) and all things beauty related. You will love hearing her insights on makeup and beauty brands in her postings. Trust'll love her like I do!

Second...this blog is still going to be about beauty products and our obsession with them, but we are also going to try and give a broader range of products. We aren't just going to showcase the luxury brands, we will try and give you products from the lower end of the scale as well. Remember, low price doesn't always mean low quality.

Third...we will be adding some other new things to our blog as well. I don't want to spoil the surprise now. You'll have to keep tuning in to see what they are... I said last week...the real Mommy J will be revealed. Well, here is the reveal you've been looking for. Hold on to your keyboards...the big reveal can now call me Jennifer. That's my real name. No more Mommy J. That's it. That's the big reveal. You can now sleep better tonight.

Oh well...that's about it. I hope you come back tomorrow for Christine's first posting on Beauty in Real Life. Also, if you like what you see...please drop us a comment and spread the word!



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