Sunday, March 16, 2008

bobbi brown on qvc

What a dreary day, here in the DC area. It has been raining non-stop since late last night. Yuck!

To make matters worse, Big L found out he had to work Little L and I are on our own.

On a day like this, I don't feel like doing anything. I'd stay in bed for most of the day if I could, but my active two year old would never comply.

Rainy days with Little L call for two things....snuggling with my son (when he let's me!) and shopping online (while he's napping!).

I found out the other day, my beloved Bobbi Brown was going to be featured on QVC for the first time. Not being an avid viewer, I found this out after Bobbi Brown's time on-air had already I missed a good amount.

Not to worry though, for has many of the products from the show still available.

One product that caught my eye, was the B.B. Tawny Shimmer Brick and Lip Kit ($55 - seen above). It comes with the gorgeous shimmer brick in the skin-tone flattering Tawny, two lip sheers, and two lip glosses. Fabulous!

The other product is her Face Touch-Up Palette with Mini Concealer Brush ($58). This product is genius to me. It comes with a concealer, a corrector, a pressed powder, and a foundation stick all in one convenient compact. It also comes with a handy double sided concealer brush.

Great for travelling, or last minute touch-ups before going out after don't get anymore practical than this. It comes in six different colors, ranging from porcelain to almond (hurry though, as the count was down to only four color choices this morning).

Head on over to , to see the other items being offered from the Bobbi Brown Collection. Don't forget that QVC comes with an awesome return policy, if you aren't completely satisfied.

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