Wednesday, March 12, 2008

dior beauty diorshow mascara

A few posts ago, I had tested out a Neurogena mascara. In that posting, I mentioned that I would soon be talking about a more expensive mascara that just didn't live up to its hype.

This is that mascara.

I really wanted to like it...especially after hearing the rave reviews from a makeup artist at a local department store. She swore that if you asked any of the sales girls on staff, they would admit that this was their favorite mascara. I was on the lookout for other products then so I didn't bother to try it.

But...later...what she said piqued my off to Sephora I went to try it out.

My plan was to try the Diorshow and do a quick compliment filled review. I wanted to love it...really I did...but, each time I got the same result...massive under eye smudging and flaking.

If you have never seen this product before, you should know that the brush is ginormous. Because of this, it picks up a lot of product. The size of the brush and the extra mascara it picks up, really makes it hard to not get it everywhere. I kept having to wipe up extra mascara that made it onto my upper eyelids constantly. That was annoying.

Once I did get it on, I will admit that my lashes did look nice. They lengthened them and separated them with minimal clumping.

Unfortunately, this was short lived.
Within a couple of hours of application, the mascara decided to migrate to the area beneath my bottom lashes. Flakes of mascara were everywhere, it was a mess.

I didn't feel that this was worth the $24, for the brief period of time that my lashes looked great. There are plenty of mascaras out there that do a better job for the money.


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Sarah said...

Did you wipe the excess mascara off of the brush and still have the problem with it getting everywhere?

I haven't tried Diorshow, but I have to wipe a lot of my mascara brushes with a tissue or something when they get too much mascara on them.

Jennifer said...

Hey Sarah! Thanks for visiting our blog and taking the time to leave a great comment! : )

You made a great point and yes I did try this...don't know why I didn't add this to the blog. Once I wiped the mascara on the tissue, it did aid it getting it on a little neater..still had some messiness...and still had the smudging and flaking...not pretty. : )

I also, just hate the idea of wasting a $24 mascara on tissues or other wipes.

What brand of mascara do you use?

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