Tuesday, March 25, 2008

dove go fresh

We were pleasantly surprised when someone from Dove contacted us about trying their new Go Fresh line.

I've been a fan of the Dove beauty bars for years and have used their deodorant in the past...Christine has also used their deodorant and their body wash.

When we heard about their new line of scented products, we looked forward to sampling them. For the record they make body washes, deodorants, beauty bars, hand and body lotions, as well as shampoos and conditioners, in the new scents.

Once they arrived at my house, Christine and I had a sniffing party to check out the scents. We were given three body washes and three deodorants to review. The ones they gave us to try out were:

* Refresh: a clean waterlily and fresh mint
* Energize: a juicy sparking grapefruit and lemongrass
* Cool Moisture: a crisp cucumber and calming green tea

We both agreed that all of the scents were delicious. They all had a really light scent, not over-powering at all.

I love a great citrus scent, so I called the Energize...Christine was all over the Refresh. We both agreed to use them over the weekend and report back at the beginning of the week.

First off...the body wash.

The information we received on all of the products, described the body wash as being a unique in-shower experience with fresh fragrances and ultra-light 1/4 moisturizing lotion technology for fresh, hydrated skin. We both agreed that we liked the results. Christine commented that her body wash had a minty-menthol scent, again not over-powering, that made the shower fill up with the delicious aroma. Sure enough, it's described as having a touch of menthol for a refreshing, tingly feel. While it was hard for her to judge if she felt tingly, she did comment on how it made her feel moisturized.

I loved the body wash too. Mine was the energized scent and it did deliver. It's described as having invigorating beads and offers the ultra-light 1/4 moisturizing lotion in a NEW first time ever gel formulation to awaken the senses. I definitely noticed how clean and moisturized I felt, after my shower. Which is a fact that might sound funny to some, but I've used body washes in the past that did not wash off well and did not make me feel clean by any means. The scent wasn't over powering...I was able to use perfume with it and it didn't compete with the scent.

We both noted that, while our skin felt moisturized, we would probably still use some moisturizer with it afterwards. It should be noted that Dove does make a body lotion in all of the scents...we did not receive these to sample.

Next we talked about the deodorant.

We both loved the scent of our deodorants. Again, they delivered a great scent that wasn't at all over-powering. They also kept us feeling fresh all day and left the skin on our underarms feeling soft...not that we have a habit of feeling them throughout the day, just something we noticed.

Christine and I both agreed that we would definitely purchase these again. Which...to us...is a great testimony as to how much we liked their products.

Jennifer and Christine
photos courtesy of dove


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