Friday, March 28, 2008

lancome bi-facil double-action eye makeup remover

I was on the market for an eye makeup remover, to replace the Bobbi Brown remover that I had been using.

After seeing this product mentioned on several beauty blogs, as well as in many magazines...I decided to take the plunge and buy it.

This is Lancome Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover ($26). It's a little on the pricey side, but worth it to a person who is constantly testing different eye shadows and mascaras.

Until I purchased the Lancome, my eyelids and the surface underneath my bottom lashes, had been crying out in pain every time I would take off my eye makeup. I also noticed that the makeup wasn't coming completely off, even after many passes with a cotton ball soaked with remover. Not good.

The Bi-Facil helped to gently remove my eye makeup. Well, the Lancome Bi-Facil and this little fact...

I stopped using cotton balls and started using cotton squares.

What's the difference you ask...they're both cotton after all. Well...yes...they are both cotton, but the cotton squares are noticeably softer than the cotton balls.

At least to my eyes.

You see, I found out that the squares were better after reading a brief piece written in the January issue of Allure (yes...I sometimes stockpile my magazines and then reread them before recycling...I have a serious problem).

Anyway, in about the middle of all issues of Allure, they have a section called the Insiders' Guide. In this particular issue, they had asked Laura Mercier to provide tips on removing your makeup. She suggests using waterproof eye makeup remover and then... this is the part that I took notice of...square cotton pads not cotton balls. She also suggests that you soak the pad with remover and then press it down softly on your lashes for a few seconds so that it has a chance to soak in, before actually removing your eye makeup.

Figuring that she's a woman who knows her stuff, I switched to the square pads and I noticed the difference right away. No irritation.

So I pass this tip on to you, dear readers. Do with it what you will.

If you do decide to switch to the pads, or you already use them, leave a comment below to let me know what you think. Also, if you've tried the Bi-Facil and love it...feel free to comment as well.

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Anonymous said...

hi jennifer! That s my first comment to leave on your blog. I ve been following your blog for a couple of weeks now from Switzerland. ;)
I never used cotton balls to remove my make up, square pads are very effective and i can easily take off eye shadow and mascara without irritating my eyes. As i don t use waterproof mascare i don t have any troubles, even with cheaper eye make up removers.

Jennifer said...

Wow! First of all, thanks for visiting our blog all the way from Switzerland!
I wish that I hadn't been such a cheapie and didn't just use whatever was in my closet to remove my eye makeup! Could have saved myself a lot of pain! : )

What brand of eye makeup remover do you use? Is it a product that we can get here in the US?

Thanks for visiting and come back again!

Tam Pham said...

oh i love lancomes eye makeup remover!! to be honest, i've never actually purchased it but there is ALWAYS a sample size in their gifts w/ purchase! when i run out, I use Neutrogena's's very similar. i personally use cotton rounds (very similar to that ones you use) and I love it.

Jennifer said...

Hey Tam!
Good to know of another product that's less than the Lancome. I was thinking about purchasing the Neutrogena, before I bought the now I'll have to check out the Neutrogena when I run out!
I know that Christine is doing a posting on another eye makeup remover that she likes...and it's a little less expensive than the Lancome as well.
Thanks for visiting!

Swiss Girl said...

Hi again!
Currently i m using the "L Oreal Dermo-Expertise Ideal balance make up remover". It s for normal/combination skin and removes face and eye make up. As some productcs have different names in Europe, i m not sure if you can get this one in the US. On i found out that there is another make up remover from L oreal called very similar. I also like the fact that they are reasonably priced.
But of course even though i like this one, i m going to try out other products when it s finished. :)

Jennifer said...

Hey swiss girl!
Great...well that's good to know. I'm always envious of all of the great products you are able to get only overseas. Sigh.

Thanks for visiting!

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