Thursday, March 20, 2008


Under what rock have I been living for the past few years? Why has no one told me about until just a couple days ago?

If you are one of the ones who doesn't know about this genius website, let me give you a little more information...if you have beauty products that you wish you didn't - you can trade them for something else.

Okay, so my first thought when I heard about this website was, well for lack of a better word, "gross" and I'm pretty sure I had a look of disgust. Isn't the #1 rule in makeup, whatever you do never ever share your makeup or bad things will happen to you? But then I went onto the website to check it out and see what crazy things people were swapping. And that is when I changed my tune and decided whoever created this is pure genius.

If you are like me, you have half of a linen closet and most of the space under your bathroom sink full of stuff you bought, used a handful of times and either hated it or found something better. And off to the closet it went. Most of my products in the closet stay there until I move and then I usually end up tossing them. Now, I have an opportunity to try out other products and give my closet rejects a new home.

There is more to the site than just the swap section. There are beauty product reviews, message boards, newsletters, etc. To have access to most of the site you have to be a registered user, but it's free and just requires an email address and password.

For the swap section, you create your "wish list" (what you want to get) and your "swap items list" (what you want to give away). You are responsible for mailing your product to the other person and vice versa - and it's suppose to be cleaned and in good condition. You can find just about anything on this website.

My weekend project is to clean out my closet and bathroom, create my wish list and swap list and see what happens...maybe I'll find a new moisturizer (we all know how I feel about moisturizers)or some blush, maybe some eyeshadow, or a nail polish I can't seem to find anywhere else. I just hope to find my closet full of goodies a great, new home.

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Jennifer said...

Yay! Welcome to MUA! I told you it was awesome! The person who thought of it was pure genius!

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