Monday, March 31, 2008

n.y.c. color wheel mosaic eye powder

Lately, besides Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, Ulta has proven to be a great resource for makeup.

They pretty much carry all of the drugstore brands and are now carrying some more "high-end" Stila, Smashbox, and Lorac.

The eye shadow mosaic you see here is by NYC Cosmetics. It cost me all of $3.99.

This particular color set is called Brown Eyed Girl. I loved the color combinations and the fact that...well I am a brown eyed girl. I'm also loving bronze eyes for the warmer months ahead and I figured that this would help with that.

First off, I should mention that this will get everywhere when you apply it. You should definitely take some preventative steps first before application...unlike me who got it everywhere. I would recommend loose powder under the eyes, or even a tissue maybe, to catch some of the pigment that will fall.

Other than that, it's actually a pretty decent product.

The mosaic gives you the option of using each color individually or swirled together. I tried both ways. The colors are pretty on their own, but you will need a smaller brush to get in there and apply them as such. Swirling them together was actually a nice option. It gave my eyelids a pretty sheer wash of color, which was very nice for day.

I decided to give you a chance to see the colors against my skin tone, be forewarned that I'm not the best photographer and I didn't have the best lighting.

I love the lighter bronze color (second from the left), it has a little bit of a peachiness to it that's quite pretty on my skin tone (I'm fair to medium with a warm tone). I liked using this on the eyelid and even used it to lightly line my eyes. I also used the darker coppery color (third) and the matte brown (fourth), both gave a nice pop of color. The sheer creamy color is great as an all over color.

You can't beat the fact that you get a lot of product here for not a lot of money. It's a great way to experiment with the new Spring colors and not break the bank. They also offer four other mosaics that have equally adorable shades. Check them out by clicking here.


photos by me!


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