Monday, March 3, 2008

the ultimate hand cream

It started a few years back...I was looking for
a new hand cream. I had tried a few brands before, but I wasn't happy with the results. None could soften my hands and keep them that way through repeated washings.

Until I found this.

This hand cream is the holy grail of hand creams. As soon as I used it, I felt the results. Immediately upon application, my hands felt smoother and softer. Within a week, even more so. It would even last through repeated washings.

My only downside was, it was easy to finish off a container's only 1.7 oz...hardly enough product for a hand cream.

But, I dealt with the small size and bought it repeatedly.

And then?

They stopped making it.

Really...just stopped making it.

I emailed the company a short time ago, asking if they were going to bring it back reformulated or something. They said no, suggesting a couple of their other hand creams instead. I tried them, but neither one gave me the same result.

So what's a girl to do?

Well...I tried ebay and they had them...they were charging a good amount more...but, they had them. I thought about getting them...then I thought...isn't that just prolonging the inevitable?

I mean, really, why tease myself? Eventually, I'd have to buy up every container they about $20 bucks a pop (give or take - I'm including tax and shipping expenses here). Realistically, I think that would just push Big L over the edge. Could you imagine that conversation? Honey...I know I spent $200...but, it's my favorite hand cream!

No thank you.

I came up with a much better that will help me and you at the same time.

I'm going on a quest for the ultimate hand cream.

Once a week, for the next few weeks, I'm going to be reviewing a different cream. For this, I'll be selecting from a wide range of brands. Some of these will be cheap...some will be expensive. Some will be good...some bad...some smelly...some not...some...okay...I ran out of antonyms get the picture.
Stay tuned!

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