Saturday, March 15, 2008

vaseline intensive care healthy hand and nail lotion

I purchased this product on my most recent trip to Target.

It's by Vaseline and it's their Healthy Hand and Nail hand lotion. It's available in a larger size, that comes with a pump as well. For the sake of the testing (and my wallet... because I bought this myself) I chose the size you see here. Retail price is $3.99 (try

I didn't have much hope for this lotion. I have tried out other Vaseline lotions before and they turned out to be a waste of money for me. The plus side is that their lotions aren't expensive, so if you hate're not out a lot of cash.

Now, I'm not a scientist or a doctor, but they do mention Keratin and Vitamin E on the label,as well as Alpha Hydroxy Acid...which, from my understanding, is supposed to be good for dryness. The lotion is also supposed to make your nails stronger after 10 days.

For the sake of testing, I allotted this lotion (and subsequent cremes and lotions) a week. I had four requirements that I felt a good hand creme/lotion should have. Those four are:

- be able to withstand multiple hand washings
- absorb into my skin quickly
- make my hands feel moisturized and soft
- contain a sunscreen

As far as the requirements go, the Vaseline lotion is great. It held up to my frequent hand washing, many times I forgot to reapply it after washing them several times and they still felt soft. The lotion also absorbed into my skin very quickly, allowing me to move around and do things without worrying about my greasy fingers. They also were left soft and much so that my husband commented on how soft they felt.

For the money, this is definitely a great buy. You could by two or three tubes and stash one in your car, or your purse, or at your desk.

One thing should be noted, is that this does not contain a sunscreen. If it did, this would be the perfect product .

Next week....Burt's Bees!

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One Chic Mama said...

Sounds like a fabulous product! One thing to note that I've discovered from some research is that products that do contain sunscreen use a very "chemical" sunscreen that can be potentially harmful. There are great "natural" sunscreens out there, but so far they're not available in products. Your best bet is to just mix in one yourself.

Jennifer said...

Hello and thanks for the comment!

I'll have to take note of that. It's amazing how many things are added into products that can turn out to be harmful to us!
What are your favorite "natural" sunscreens?

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