Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the anastasia brow studio at nordstrom

Hey ladies!

Do yourself a favor and mark your calendars for this...

Anastasia, eyebrow guru to the stars, is bringing her Beverly Hills-style salon to Nordstrom with the luxurious new Anastasia Brow Studio.

Here, guests can receive expert brow arching, reshaping, and sculpting, as well as facial waxing.

The best part is, you'll receive a free makeup bag and full-size highlighting pencil when you purchase a brow shaping service at the Anastasia Brow Studio located in select Nordstrom stores from May 20 - 22.

Visit the link below to view participating Nordstrom locations and to book an appointment via the Allure Beauty Concierge.


While, as far as we know, Anastasia herself will not be making any appearances at these Nordies locations...you can still get your arches beautified by one of her expertly trained eyebrow artists.

I know that Christine and I will definitely be taking advantage of this awesome deal...my eyebrows are tingling with excitement as we speak!

Hurry up and book your appointment now.

photo courtesy of nordstrom.com


The Jet Set Girls said...

Good brows are SO important! I'm definitely going when she's in town!

Jennifer said...

Hey Ladies!

Sorry if the pic above was a little misleading...unfortunately Anastasia herself will not be making any appearances as far as I know. If that ever changes, I'll be sure to get that news out fast!

I added another sentence to make sure that no one else is mislead in the future. Thanks so much for leaving your comment, so that I could add that. : )


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