Monday, April 28, 2008

bobbi brown almost bare

I would love to be a cosmetic giant like Bobbi Brown.

Imagine being able to walk up to your fragrance creators (or whatever they are called) and say...

Alright guys, I'm in the mood for a new scent. Something floral-y and jasmine-y. Oh. And could you throw in some warmth? Maybe something like...amber...yeah amber! OK? Make it happen people!

And then, because you can, you say...

Oh, I almost forgot, could you add some violet and maybe some cedar? OK? Great. I'll be in my office. Tootles!

Well, I doubt that's how the scenario went down when Bobbi Brown created her new fragrance Bobbi Brown Almost Bare ($60

But, I would have loved to see the creative process involved with this new scent.

It's said to be a sexy and fresh floral, with Italian Bergamot and Violet Leaves. Notes of Soft Muguet and Jasmine Petals combine with the warmth of Cedar and Amber.

Now, I am not going to claim to be a fragrance expert. I don't know my top note from my bottom note.

Really. It's true.

But, what I do know, is that I love florals...especially one's described as being sexy and fresh. And Jasmine? I love jasmine, so this definitely is one I'll be checking out once it's available (it's only available for pre-order now).

In other Bobbi news....

According to WWD, Bobbi Brown's parent company Estee Lauder, is teaming up with Belk department stores to create the first freestanding Bobbi Brown store called The Studio.

Once I get more info on this...I'll let you know.


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