Thursday, April 17, 2008

bobbi brown get personal custom palette

OK...this is major.

I had seen this recently, in my fave mag Lucky, and didn't think this was going to be available so the blurb they said that only certain stores had this.

But, here it is.

While cruising the Neiman Marcus website, I came across this.

What is this you ask?

This is Bobbi Brown's new Get Personal Custom Palette. For just $10 you buy a blank palette, with either space for three or four colors, and customize it with eye and/or cheek colors (for $20 and $22 each).


And is it going to be too much if I tell you that she has about a million colors to choose from? She has graciously offered up a slew of new colors, for us die-hard fans to drool over.

Even...wait for it...shimmer blushes!

This offer is currently online at the Neiman Marcus site. I haven't had a chance to check with my SA at the store, but I will call tomorrow and see if they have them available there as well.

Once I get the scoop, I'll let you know!


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Update: From what I could tell, the palette system is available at select Bobbi Brown counters. Call your nearest one to see if it's available there.


nilla cookie said...

Oh wow! I LOVE this! If only they gave a little discount on the colors since they are going to go in the palettes and they don't need to spend all that money on individual packaging.. ;)

Hope you're having a wonderful Friday!

Jennifer said...

Hey Lilan!

Hope your Friday is going well too!

I agree, they should have some sort of system where if you buy more than one you get like one for half off.

BTW it looks like this might be her new compact design for her eyeshadows and blushes. All of the eyeshadows and blushes come in a square case now (it seems) and the pans easily flip out to use in her palettes. I meant to check this out with my SA today, but got caught up in other stuff...heading out to the mall tomorrow to get the scoop asap!

Thanks for visiting girl!

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