Tuesday, April 8, 2008

christine's day at the nordstrom spring trend show

Let me start off by saying how much fun this show was. It started off with a little fashion show highlighting the new Spring trends in fashion and makeup. Once it was over we moved upstairs to all of the makeup counters, where it was every woman for herself. Pure chaos. It made my head spin, but oh, so much fun.

As if all of this wasn't enough, you also got an appointment for a free makeover. I chose Bobbi Brown because, well, I just can't get enough of her lately and I am loving her new colors and really wanted to try them out.

I asked for a look that worked for day and could easily go into night. Lindsay (the makeup artist for Bobbi Brown at Nordstroms in Tyson's) told me that she was going to put on all of my makeup and then have Lisa (the professional and according to Lindsay, Bobbi's right hand woman) come over and do my eyes. I was crying on the inside - not the outside that would ruin the makeup. I couldn't wait to hear what Lisa had in store for me. Most of the makeup Lindsay put on me I already had (foundation, concealer, corrector, powder, and blush) but I didn't mind that at all. I was more excited to see what Lisa would do with my eyes and lips.

So, Lisa came over and I told her the look I was going for. I ended up with a very pretty subtle daytime look that could easily transform into a evening look by changing the eyeliner and adding some gloss on top of the lip color.

Here are the details:
For my eyes she used the new Long Wear Creme Shadows in Navajo (base color that is a creamy pinkish white) and then Cement (grey beige) on top. I had 2 choices when it came to the Long Wear Gel Eyeliner - I could pick the daytime color in Sepia or the evening color in Cobalt Blue. I chose to live on the edge and went with the cobalt. The look was very dramatic and would totally work at night - not so much during the day under florescent lights in the middle of the mall - but definitely at night.

For my lips she chose the Creamy Lip Color in Rose Petal (shimmering neutral rose) and to take that into the evening look, she put the Brightening Gloss in Pink Lilac on top (pictured right in pink). I guess the brightening gloss makes lips seem fuller and adds a ton of shine.

Overall, I really liked the look they did for me. I ended up purchasing the 2 Creme Shadows ($22 each) and the Creme Shadow Brush ($25). I am not quite ready for the boldness of the gel eyeliner - it scares me. Plus, that stuff stays on like crazy, which is good but it takes some hard labor to get it off. I did not get any of the lip colors. You all know I am not a lipstick girl and I have more than enough glosses for now.

When I got home and saw my husband, I showed him all the stuff I got and he asked if I bought the blue eyeliner. I said no and he replied with "well out of all of this stuff you bought you should have gotten that." Go figure...so today I went and bought the powder eyeshadow in Navy ($19) to use as an eyeliner. I'll work my way up to the gel eyeliner.

photos courtesy of bobbibrown.com


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