Tuesday, April 15, 2008

essie nail polish

You are looking at 2 of my favorite colors from Essie.

I tend to use these more in the Spring and Summer and also for special days like weddings.

And yes I know they are very similar in color, but they are just different enough to add a little variety.

The one on the left is Ballet Slipper and the one on the right is Sugar Daddy. Both colors are very light and sheer, even after a couple coats. But they both add a nice touch of color. I actually have Sugar Daddy on as we speak. I just got back from a week in Philadelphia, we had a wedding to attend. (Plus, I really like saying Sugar Daddy, so we'll see how many times I can get that in this posting.)

I really like Essie nail polish. It stays on a really long time and there is a huge range of colors to choose from. I put on my Sugar Daddy on Friday and it has lasted through playing with my 2 year old son in the yard for 4 days (and footballs, soccer balls and digging in the dirt were involved), rehearsal dinner, wedding, brunch and grocery shopping. It is just now starting to chip on the edges of my nails.

I have another gem from Essie that I use every time I paint my nails regardless of brand of polish. It is Essie's 3-Way Glaze, which is a base coat, top coat and nail hardener all in one. I think this really helps keep the polish around a few extra days. I can't find it on essie.com but I got mine from hello-gorgeous.net. And this website is a secret I am sharing with you.

They have almost every Essie color and they are always on sale. The 3-Way Glaze is normally $7 and they sell it for $5.25. My Ballet Slipper is $4.99, as is my Sugar Daddy (normally $7). And to top that off, the site offers flat rate shipping of just $4.95. The site also carries OPI and Lippmann and a couple other polish brands and a variety of other beauty related products. Hello Gorgeous is definitely worth a look.

Alright, back to Essie... I was just on essie.com and they have a section for discontinued colors that you can buy - if they still have them in stock. So, if you have any favorite Essie colors that are hard to find, I would take a look on there. They also offer up suggestions for mixing Essie colors and what the color looks like when you mix specific colors together. Fun to look at when you have some time to kill.

Umm...Sugar Daddy. (I had to get one more in)

photos of ballet slippers and sugar daddy courtesy of essie.com
photo of 3-way glaze courtesy of hello-gorgeous.net


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