Wednesday, April 30, 2008

jo malone dark amber and ginger lily bath oil

Truth be told, I am a shower person.

While I love the idea of settling into a hot bath and soaking my cares just isn't in me.

I love the efficiency of showers. I also love how clean I feel after, because I'm able to rinse off the gunk as opposed to marinating in it.


So why am I talking about a new bath oil from Jo Malone you ask?

Well, for one, I love Jo Malone fragrances...they are delish.

Her packaging is also lovely.

Imagine this sitting next to your bath tub on display...gorgeous.

And if anyone is going to get me to change my mind, it's Jo Malone and her new bath oil...Dark Amber and Ginger Lily ($100 is not cheap.

But as baths are luxuries, so is a bath oil from Jo Malone.

It's described as a sensual and calming blend that encourages a sense of tranquility. It's scent is also inspired by ancient Japanese incense ceremonies.

I don't think that you'll see that description on a box of Calgon.

Either way, it's something I'll have to check out. I am curious about the scent and want to see if it's as intoxicating as it seems.

Look for a future review.

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Mischo Beauty said...

Sounds divine! Can't wait for your follow-up... oh and I tagged you today! :)

mac said...

Yes I understand about the marinating in gunk feeling. However you might wish to consider the Japanese custom, which is to shower yourself before getting into a bath. Of course it does mean devoting time to all this. I have to agree about Jo Malone's fragrances.

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