Wednesday, April 2, 2008


We thought that we should mention this great online concierge service for Spa, Beauty, Health, and Salon appointments.

Called Lifebooker, it's apparently New York's only online service of this kind.

They are launching a featured product giveaway program starting today.

The concept is pretty neat actually. Their description is as follows:

With Lifebooker you can, compare services, prices, rating, and availability at your favorite luxury locations and receive our featured beauty product(shipped directly to you) all from your home or office computer.

The first featured product is Elizabeth Grant's Biocollasis™ Advanced Cellular Eye Cream (retail value is $80). It's described as a deep wrinkle intensive treatment for the eye area.

Starting today, when you book and honor any appointment in April, you will receive the eye cream free!

Although neither Christine or myself have actually had the opportunity to try this eye cream...we're all about receiving a freebie with our purchases.

So, head on over to Lifebooker for more details and to book your first appointment. By the way, Lifebooker only deals with Spas and Salons in the Manhattan area neighborhoods right now. So, if you live in the New York City area...or plan on visiting there this month...check them out!

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Anonymous said...

Ohh thanks for this tip I absolutely love the eye cream. This service is great too. I cant believe the deals I've found. Its almost to good to be true.

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