Thursday, April 3, 2008

mac duo fibre face brush #187

You are looking at probably one of the most versatile and favorite brushes you could have in your collection.

This is the MAC Duo Fibre Face Brush #187 ($42)...well that's its official name anyway. Many lovingly refer to it as the skunk brush.

How versatile is it?

Well you could use it to apply any liquid, cream, or powder foundation. You could also use it to apply any cream or powder blush.

I've heard of many a makeup artist using this to buff the foundation after they've applied it, to give an airbrushed finish to the face.

If you have a highly pigmented blush, this will help to deliver a perfectly realistic application.

I've used mine for foundation application and blush application, using creamy and powdery formulas. I've also used it for bronzers as well.

How popular is it?

Head on over to the MUA Product Review Boards and check out the constant accolades it receives.

Check out some other Beauty Bloggers and this brush (or a reasonable facsimile) will top the list of their faves.

Do yourself a favor, the next time you are near a MAC counter or a MAC store, try out this brush. You won't be disappointed.

Or...if you are a fan of this brush already, leave a comment below.

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nilla cookie said...

Hi Jennifer!

I really like this brush, but mine is a dupe from Lumiere cosmetics. It's a fraction of the price and I love it! Never tried the actual 187, but I don't really feel like I have to ;)

Jennifer said...

Hi Lilan!

Thanks for visiting! That's great, I know that they have many inexpensive alternatives to this brush. I bought mine about a year ago, while at a MAC store and was talked into buying it. At first I wanted to kick myself, but then I grew to love it. : )

Thanks for the suggestion... I'm actually going to do a post on some alternatives for some staple makeup brushes next week!

Swiss Girl said...

Hi Jennifer! Im glad you re doing a post on brushes as I m not very experienced about what to use. I only have a powder brush and one for blushes but that s about it. I m curious to find out which brushes to use for eye shadows etc.

Jennifer said...

Hey Swiss Girl!
Stay tuned for next week, I'll be doing a posting on brushes that will probably be broken down into at least two parts.

Thanks for visiting!

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