Wednesday, April 16, 2008

makeup brushes part deux

As promised, I'm delivering to you some great inexpensive makeup brushes.

First, I'd like to give you some tips on amassing your own brush collection with some mid-tier makeup brushes.

The first tip is to start off small.

Figure out which essential brushes you need and purchase those first.

For me, it would be a foundation brush, a blush brush, a flat eyeliner brush, and a larger eyeshadow brush.

Each could easily pull double duty if necessary and QTips, or my fingers, work great in a pinch.

My second tip is, if you really are only needing this many yourself, you might want to consider investing in some really good quality brushes. You don't have to spend an arm and a leg, because there are some really great mid-price brushes that fit the bill. If you purchase one or two at a time, the blow won't come as quickly to your wallet...that's how I purchased mine. Over time, these brushes will still be around...making the money spent an investment.

One such line is Sephora Professional Makeup Brushes. They have some really great mid-price brushes, many for under $25. Other ones to try are the department store cosmetic lines...such as Clinique, Benefit, Prescriptives, and Fashion Fair. Both Sephora and Prescriptives even make a dupe of the MAC skunk brush for $35 and $32 respectfully*.

Another mid-tier brush company is Japonesque. They are offering a brush kit (seen above) for $70 on That may seem like a lot, but you are getting five brushes and a gorgeous case to keep them in. Japonesque is a brand that I have used and been pleased with in the past. They make a quality product for not a great deal of money.

Third and final tip...try to pick up your brushes during a beauty event and at least you'll get a little more for the money. Many times companies offer brush sets for a limited time only, as well. Check department store websites, cosmetic counters, and the individual cosmetic company websites for their scheduled events and limited edition offers.

Well, that's it for today.

So that I'm not teasing you anymore, next week we will have our third and final part to end our makeup brush series....drugstore finds.

See you then!

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*Because I always give credit where credit is due, check out my friend Lilan over at The Daily Cookie. She recently did a great review of a MAC dupe that she got for...wait a minute...I'll let her tell you. Click here to take you there.


Suzann said...

Yes, there's no doubt that the right makeup brushes can make or break a look, and that there are lots of great buys out there.

I would plead with everyone, though, to make sure you purchase only non-animal hair brushes. I've researched this issue and have done a lot of reading on it, and the truth is, no matter how wonderful the company is - or how vegan, for that matter - if the brush itself is not labeled as 100% synthetic, 100% vegan, or 100% Taklon (a form of nylon), then some animal has been harmed in the making of the brush.

People don't realize this, because we're so used to getting generic brushes in our makeup kits, or just buying brushes from a convenient venue.

The other problem is, many company's marketing people tell their sales people on the floor that they are selling "cruelty-free" makeup brushes, when in fact there really is no such thing (except in rare cases).

"Cruelty-free" makeup brush advocates say that "Oh, they got the hair from sheering the animal, or they brushes the fur off the goat..." or whatever. That hardly ever happens. Animal hair for brushes is almost always derived from slaughtered creatures. It's a big, global business. Companies buy the animal hair in mass quantities from other companies around the world.

As with fur that we (hopefully) no longer purchase, fur that goes into animal hair brushes causes enormous suffering and inhumane treatment to animals around the world.

Only with consumer demand can we make it easier to find vegan brushes.

But vegan brushes don't have to be expensive. I bought some awesome, soft, rich, full powder brushes at (and I have no affiliation with them at all) for very good prices. Other places to get vegan makeup brushes include Aveda, where you can go into the store and feel the brushes before buying;;;, and

Or you can type in vegan makekup brushes into your search engine and find more.

It's so worth it. Being beautiful today is about inner beauty as well as a gorgeous face.

Best, and thanks for letting me comment,

Jennifer said...


Wow! Thanks for your informative comment. I'm glad you posted this, so that our readers will have a choice. I was planning on checking out the vegan choices out there for our readers and you've given us all some great starting points. Thanks for visiting. : )

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