Thursday, April 10, 2008

makeup brushes part one

This is my collection of makeup brushes.

I have had many of these brushes for over ten years.

The majority of my brushes are Bobbi Brown or Mac. There is one Chanel, one Laura Mercier, and a couple of drugstore brands in there.

I can honestly say that I probably only use three or four of these on any given day.

The ones that get the most rotation are my foundation brushes and my blush brush. For blush I'll use my MAC Skunk Brush, or my Bobbi Brown depending on my mood.

Now, no one needs this many brushes.

If I was being honest with myself, I could really pare down this stash. Especially when it comes to the eye brush department.

Right now this is how that group stands...

While I love all of them and could find a way to use all of them, I could really get by with these two brushes.

The bigger one is great for applying all over color, applying color to the crease and a smudging of powder along the upper lid. The smaller is my flat tip eyeliner brush. The flat tip (or a slant tip...have one of them too) is excellent for lining the eye with any type of formula.

For smudging, while I do have an inexpensive brush that I bought for that, I could easily get by using a QTip or my finger in a pinch.

If you really wanted to add another to this pair, you might want to add a brush for the crease. These three here are all used for applying shadow there. The one to the far left can serve double duty as a crease brush and a smudger.

Whew...that was a lot of photography and information to share! I hope I helped some of you out. Next week, we will have part two. This will help you find some great brushes that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Until then...goodnight my darlings.



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