Wednesday, April 9, 2008

real life beauty...barbie and marisa

Welcome to a new feature here at Beauty in Real Life.

It's called Real Life Beauty and we will be featuring beautiful women of all ages.

Here we'll introduce you to the people that we meet in the real world. Women who we feel truly have that extra something.

You know what we mean right?

They are the women who you pass by and think, how does she get her hair to look that shiny?...what lipstick is she wearing?...and so on.

Take the gorgeous ladies above.

That is Barbie and her daughter Marisa. Yes, they are mother and daughter. Not we're sure many a person has thought.

We found our first Real Life beauties at the Beauty Event, in the Nordstrom at Tysons Corner.

Marisa (the daughter) was the first one to catch our eyes.

We loved her style, as well as her tasteful and artfully applied makeup.

She's a teenager, but managed to combine both class and a casually hip style to her appearance. Something that we were never able to accomplish at her age, mind you.

We pulled her aside and asked if she wouldn't mind answering a couple of questions and would let us take her picture.

She graciously said yes and here are the results...

What is your favorite foundation? Maybelline Mousse Foundation
What is the one beauty item you could not do without? Mascara. Her fave is MAC Plush Lash.
What do you prefer to use on your lips? Chanel Glossimer in Glaze.
What are your favorite hair care brands? Frederic Fekkai, his straightening gel in particular.

While we were asking the questions her gorgeous mother, Barbie, came over to see what was going on.

She was adorable, and equally as classy and gracious as her daughter. She readily agreed to a picture and to answer a few questions...

What is your favorite foundation? Laura Mercier Moisturizing Foundation
What is your favorite mascara? Diorshow
What hair care products are your faves? Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream and Sebastian products from the Laminates line.

We wish we had more time to chat with this fantastic pair, but we had already taken up a lot of their shopping time. We said goodbye, but not before Barbie told us a little something about her daughter.

She let us know that Marisa has been a Nordie's Girl, from the time she was little.

How great is that?

As we watched them leave, Christine and I both sighed. Each of us thinking the same cool it would have been to grow up a Nordie's Girl too.

With Love (Always),
Jennifer and Christine


tam pham said...

"real life beauty"...oh what a fantastic idea! you two are so smart! :-) this mommy/daugther duo are both so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I loved this section! What a cute mother and daughter, it really is hard to believe that Barbie the mother. They both look great!

Jennifer said...

Tam and Nancy:
First of all, thank you both for visiting and taking the time to leave such great comments!
They were such a pleasure to meet and take their picture. A couple of real classy ladies.

Keep coming back, this is just the first of many "Real Life Beauty" postings!

nilla cookie said...

Hi Jennifer,

What a wonderful new feature! The mother/daughter duo are adorable. It's nice to see such a down to earth young lady!

Can't wait to read many more Real Life Beauty stories.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Nilla!
We will be hard at work finding more real life beauties to post about!
In the meantime our readers should check out your awesome FOTDs at The Daily do some really great work girl! : )

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