Monday, April 28, 2008

skinn cosmetics

I don't know about you, but I love it when you actually get to see a makeup artist work their magic on a client.

Admit it, when you're at the mall and you pass through the beauty department, you are tempted to stop and eavesdrop on a MUA and a customer to see what they're doing and get some free tips.

Here's your chance to do it right from home...courtesy of your computer and a webisode called Get Glam on

This webisode features make-up artist Dimitri James of SKINN Cosmetics.

In it, he teaches you how to use his Highlight, Blush, Bronze & Sculpt Compact, and only three make you even more gorgeous.

All of the products he uses in the video are available for purchase. They come in a handy little (well priced) kit...making it easy on your wallet. It includes:

-Highlight, Blush, Bronze & Sculpt Compact

-Professional bronzing brush

-Professional contour powder brush

-Professional fan brush


-Comprehensive instructional brochure

All for only $42.50.

I mean...really...just the brushes alone would cost you more than that.

Head on over to for more information, or call 1-866-DIMITRI


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P.S. Stay tuned for more webisodes coming soon!


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