Wednesday, April 9, 2008

this just to keep the smudgies away

At one time or another, it has happened to you.

You get the mascara smudgies.

In the morning, your mascara is perfect...really gorgeous and expertly applied.

Not a smudge in sight.

Then, later on....there they are.

Well, in the May issue of Glamour, they tell you how to keep your mascara from smudging...really.

The first tip is to finish off your lashes with a topcoat of waterproof mascara. This aids in helping the regular formula stay where you put it.

Another tip, is to not wear heavy eye cream during the daytime and to set your concealer with a dusting of powder. Not only will it help your concealer last longer, it will also assist in keeping the oiliness at bay.

It makes sense...oil = mascara migration.

The last tip is also good for keeping the germs away too...toss your mascara after five months. The more your mascara dries out, the more likely it will flake...everywhere.

Now go take care of the lash-a-rific diva you!

By the way, that mascara you see above is the Le 2 de Guerlain Two-Brush Mascara ($35). A great idea because it contains two differently sized brushes, each allowing you to reach all of your lashes. Try Sephora stores or Sephora online to purchase.

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nilla cookie said...

Eww, I hate smudgies! Thanks for the great tips! :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks Nilla!
My pleasure...everyone should be smudge free! : )

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