Thursday, April 24, 2008

unil infrashine ceramic flat iron

My flat iron collection has slowly evolved over the years. I started off with a cheap generic flat iron, because frankly I didn't really care. I hadn't straightened my hair before, but they were becoming popular so I bought one. It was horrible. It pulled hair out every time I used it which in turn created more use for the flat iron with all of these frizzy hairs growing back in. So, that lead to me abandoning the straight look for a year or two. I would still use it every once in a while when I was having a really bad hair day.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and my husband got me a new one for Christmas a couple years ago and it was probably around $50 - Conair. Much better, but still required me to go over my hair several times and my hair is not difficult or thick. During this time I jumped on the Posh Spice bandwagon and got her infamous haircut which definitely requires a flat iron, but since I already had straight hair, if I dried it correctly I rarely had to use a flat iron.

And now, I use one almost everyday because after I had grown tired of Posh, I joined Katie Holmes and the millions of other women who got bangs. And about 30 seconds after I got them I decided I needed to grow them back out immediately. So now that my hair has gotten a little bit longer and the bangs are becoming less bangy (is that word?) I need my flat iron more. And for the past 2 weeks I have been using the 1" UNIL Infrashine Ceramic Flat Iron.

Now I know how a flat iron is suppose to perform. I love, love this flat iron. It glides through my hair so smoothly and leaves it super shiny. And the results last. The weather in the DC area kills me and my hair and this makes my life a little easier.

As I have mentioned before, I have straight hair and for about 95% of my hair that is a true statement. The other 5% is rather interesting. Right around my hair line, even with my temples on both sides of my face, there is about a inch or 2 of hair that grows in a ringlet if my hair is long enough. If it's not long enough it grows straight out from head like wings. Very, very cute....if I was 5.

And my other quirk, if you will, is that the left side of my hair likes to flip under and the right side of my hair to likes to flip out....if it's long enough. And guess what? Both great looks are reaching peak length. And my new best friend gently reminds them with only a couple swipes through the hair to behave themselves. Even Jennifer asked if I was doing something different with my hair. Seriously this thing is awesome.

Here are the details on the flat iron. It has 5 different heat settings from 170-400 degrees. I haven't set it to 400. I think my hair is too fine for that much heat. It has a light to indicate when it has reached the set blinks. This is a great feature. I was always guessing with my other one. And it has a 9ft swivel cord. This may not be important to everyone. But when you have a husband, a son, a dog and cat in all in your bathroom you will appreciate the fact that you can move around and still be doing your hair. It is around $130 but right now it is on sale for $104.99 with free shipping at

There is also another great posting on this flat iron over at mischo beauty.

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Anonymous said...

Never actually heard of this brand, maybe beciase im based in the uk - personally i love using GHd hair straighteners on my hair and on my clients.

Anonymous said...

Informative article. No doubt helpful. I like chi flat iron.


Anonymous said...

Chi doesn't even compare to this iron. If you can find one it is well worth the investment. Have used it on my course thick frizzy hair for years and it is incredible!!!

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