Monday, April 14, 2008

yves saint laurent touche eclat

I adore this product.

In case you aren't yet aquainted, let me introduce you to your new best friend...the YSL Touche Eclat ($40 at

This awesome invention is on my list of HG products.

When Christine and I attended the Spring Beauty Trends show at Nordstrom, this product probably received the most accolades.

I love applying it after my foundation, under my eyes in the area closest to my nose. This helps to diminish the darkness under my eyes. I also use it in the area outside my lower nose, to counteract the darkness and slight discoloration there as well.

The NMUA for Yves Saint Laurent, clued us in on other ways to use it. In addition to the two uses above, he uses it under the brow (to lift the eye area), above the brow (again to lift that area), on top of the cheek bones, above the cupids bow of the lips, and under the nose. Wow!

Plus, you can't beat the handiness of a pen-shaped applicator with a brush so cleverly attached. A cap that stays put and a the handy clicker at the bottom that allows you to control how much product you use.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer!
After i read so many wonderful things about the ysl concealer/highliter i was looking for a product that was a bit cheaper. Now I m using L'Oreal Touche Magique, it has a twist-brush applicator like the YSL one I think. So far it s good, but I mainly use it as a hightlighter than concealer (the texture isnt so well to cover).
I m sure I ll try the YSL one day when I m not a student anymore.. :)
Thanks for the post!

Jennifer said...

Hey Swiss Girl!
Nice to see you visiting again! I love that you gave us a cheaper alternative to the Touche Eclat. Believe me, I remember my student days...I chose all of my splurges carefully. : )
I def. think with all of these formulations, they work better to highlight areas that you've already concealed.
Thanks for visiting and leaving such a great comment!

The Jet Set Girls said...

I keep one of these in the car. Somedays I'm running (really) late to work, to drop the kids at school etc. It's great addtion to my emergency makeup bag because the applicator and makeup are all there together AND it works great. Plus it's good to have at the end of the day when my makeup is starting to fade. Good post, thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

JS Girls:
Hey, thanks for visiting! I never thought to get another one for the car too! Genius! I def. reach for this if I need a quick touch-up before heading out! Thanks for dropping your blog btw!

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