Friday, May 2, 2008

this just in...estee lauder to launch line for hsn

Estee Lauder's Beauty Bank is branching out to HSN.

According to WWD, the cosmetics giant...who owns a bazillion other brands by the way...has created Eyes by Design, a high end cosmetics and skincare line specifically for the shopping channel.

Eyes by Design launches in July and is being marketed for women 25 and older.

Like its name implies, it is an edited line of only 17 items concentrating on one gorgeous feature...eyes.

I guess all eyes will be on Estee Lauder, come July.

Ba dum bum.

Get it?


Come on...that's funny.

I's called...Eyes by Design...and ...we said...all eyes will be on...OK...never mind.

You try and come up with witty sayings at 8 am.

With love...always,
Jennifer and Christine
photo and info courtesy of wwd

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Queen Bea said...

I'm horrible at putting on eyeliner. I only manage to do a decent--not good--job on my right eye and I won't even talk about how the left one looks!


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