Friday, May 9, 2008


Have you ever wondered how the contestants on American Idol maintain their gorgeous complexions?

Even though they are probably majorly stressed out?

Enter makeup artist Tifanie White.

Now, being a makeup artist on such a popular show, I'm sure she has many products at her disposal.

Plus the fact that she counts Carrie Underwood (see photo), Kellie Pickler, and Martie McGuire of The Dixie Chicks on her client roster, she wants only the best to keep their skin in top shape.

So, what products does she choose to give them that idol glow?

Here are her faves...

Bioelements Moisture Positive Cleaner, a rich lotion cleanser with a mild foaming action that contains aromatherapist oils “It’s the best-smelling cleanser I have ever smelled” says White.

Bioelements Recovery Serum, a silky serum that gives an exceptional smooth-as-glass finish. “What a beautiful product,” says White, “it always gives a glow.”

And because all eyes are on the mouths of her singing clients, White recommends Bioelements Instant Emollient, an ultra-rich moisture stick for lips which instantly relives dryness and prevents chapping. “It does moisturize and heal the lips,” she says, “While other lip treatments seem to only temporarily soothe the lips, this makes their lips noticeably less chapped.”

All products are available at Bioelements spas nationwide ( for locations) or online at or

Stay beautiful darlings!

with love...always,
Jennifer and Christine
photo of carrie underwood courtesy of the web


Girl-Woman said...

I need to try the lippie. Chapstick doesn't do the trick. Thanks.

Jennifer said...

Hey Girl-Woman!
Def. try the lippie, we'll be doing a review soon! If you try it, let us know how it goes! : )

Thanks for visiting!

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