Friday, May 16, 2008

covergirl trublend foundation

Christine and I, have been ever so curious to try this foundation.

If you've seen the commercials with Drew Barrymore and/or the print ads, you might have been too.

I should first explain, what exactly separates the TruBlend foundations from others.

It's a product that features an exclusive "skin affinity" pigment system created with brighter chroma color spheres that actually merge with skin upon application to imitate your precise color.

Translation, it's supposed to blend seamlessly into your skin and actually create a color that matches your own.

There is also the clever number system, that helps to take the guesswork out of what other products you can use from the range.

We both picked up the foundation to give it a test run. Christine checked out the whipped foundation and I tried the liquid.

How did they do?

Well, for starters, the pump container (for the liquid) is fantastic. You can just pump out what you need and don't worry about getting germs all over the place.

I immediately liked the light coverage and thought it went on smoothly. It took care of some minor redness around my nose and looked natural on.

It had decent longevity and kept it's color pretty well. I didn't have any problems with it causing breakouts, although I do not have sensitive skin.

Christine also liked the foundation. She had a little problem with a minor breakout, but she mentioned that her skin is really sensitive and can break out at the drop of a hat*. She thought it went on smoothly, covered well, and felt light on. She did say that she wouldn't hesitate to check out the liquid version.

We both agreed that it's a good buy for the money. I's definitely a decent foundation for under $10. I felt that it did as good a job, as some other higher priced brands. It provided a light coverage that didn't feel like a mask and blended in well.

Isn't that what all good foundations should do?

You can find CoverGirl products at Target, Walmart, Ulta, CVS, and other mass market retailers. You can also find them online at


*We really can't hold this against Cover Girl, because everybody has different skin issues. What suits some, may not suit you. As with any product you apply to your skin, always test it out first. You never know how your skin is going to react.


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