Tuesday, May 13, 2008

elizabeth grant caviar eye pads

Hello from sunny Florida. I totally left DC at the right time, right now it is cold and raining there and here it's sunny and 85. I love that my parents live here.

While my mom is out with MJ (my new nickname for my son), I thought I would take a minute to review yet another wonderful product from the Elizabeth Grant line. I introduce Caviar Rejuvenating Eye Pads.

Jenn and I split these since you get 6 packs in a box. We each took 3. I have to admit it took us a couple weeks before we started using them. I would ask her if she had tried them yet and she would laugh and say no and my response would be the same.

Finally one night, my hubby was out of town (I think I need to come up with a nickname for him....I'll think of something). So back to the story, he was out of town and MJ was asleep and I thought I would give the eye pads a try. I asked Jenn again if she had tried them yet and she said she had tried them over the weekend.

I washed my face and then got one of the packets. I wasn't too sure what I was going to find when I opened the little package but inside were 2, fairly good sized, comma shaped pads that were drenched. So I popped one under each eye and kept myself busy for 15 minutes by reading the latest US Weekly. After the 15 minutes had passed i took them off. According to the directions you then have to gently tap in with your ring finger whatever excess product is still under your eye into the eye area.

I then returned to bed and every so often would touch the under eye area to see if anything was different. I noticed almost immediately that the area was very hydrated and smooth. I asked Jenn to provide some feedback with her experience with the pads and she said "I love them and loved how the skin under my eyes felt hydrated even late the next day. They are a great product and very easy to use." I agree, these pads are really easy to use. Just put on under your eye with the smaller end towards the inside corner of the eye. And pat it until it's smooth on your skin.

I just tried the 2nd of the 3 packets this past Saturday night. After a VERY long day of flying with MJ that started around 6am, I decided I should do the eye pads again considering the next morning the whole family was going to a Mother's Day brunch and I did not want to look like I hadn't slept in a long, long time which is the normal result after a day of traveling. In the morning I noticed I looked pretty well rested even though MJ woke up insanely early (he hasn't been clued into the whole time change yet). I also agree with Jenn, my eyes did still feel hydrated late into the next day.

I'm saving the 3rd packet for next weekend after I have to fly back to DC with MJ. But I'm sure I will wake up the next morning looking far more refreshed than if I didn't use them.

Here's the details...they are $49.99 for a pack of 6 (which is about $8 per packet). So, these would last you 6 weeks if you did them once a week as the directions imply you should. You can buy them at elizabethgrant.com.

Alright, MJ will be back soon with his Grandma and then we are off to the beach.

photo courtesy of elizabethgrant.com


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