Monday, May 19, 2008

help us get to paris...please?

Ok...we are just going to put this out there...we need your

You see...we really want to go to Paris.

Who doesn't right?

Just imagine for a second...the Beauty in Real Life girls in Paris.

Got an image?


Now imagine us reporting from Paris.

Seriously...I mean it.

That would so be like your best friends chillin out in the 'ris....or 'aris...or whatever cool way they say Paris now-a-days.

Could you imagine?

Us in a country where French is the main language? And neither one of us can speak it to save our lives?

Hilarity will be sure to ensue.

So we're not just doing this for ourselves....oh no madames...or dames...or mon amie...or...oh forget it.

Head on over to the right side column and click away on the picture of the Saturn Vue to your little heart's content. The more clicks we get, the closer we get to Paris...and the closer you get to winning a Saturn Vue stuffed to the gills with beauty products and a chance to enter daily give-aways!

By the way, if we do go, it's guaranteed that Jennifer will get a photo of Christine in a beret...holding a croissant...or something funnier that's only made in France.

That little picture will be worth it.

Trust us.

So what cha' waitin for? Head on over there right now darlings!

With Love (Always),
Jennifer and Christine
photo courtesy of


yummy411 said...

sorry we missed you at the summit christine, but it was totally a pleasure to at least meet one half of the duo. jen you are just a ball of sunshine! shall we do it all over again in NYC? ;) KIT

Jenn said...

awww, thanks so much. i wish i could have been there. it sounds like it was a great time. but i'm happy to report that both girls of beauty in real life will be attending the summit in NYC!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! I loved meeting you and wished that we could have chatted more! I cannot wait until NYC! If you ever want to go shopping, give me a call!

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