Thursday, May 8, 2008

hourglass extreme sheen lip gloss

As Jennifer mentioned in a previous post about Hourglass lipstick, I was the one to get to try the lip gloss, Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss to be exact. There are 9 different shades available at Sephora.

I have it in Reflect, which is a really light pink. It actually goes on as a pretty clear color with subtle flecks of glitter. It sort of enhances the natural color of my lips rather than covering them in a color. This is one of the prettiest lip glosses I have used.

It is very shiny, hence the 'Extreme Sheen High Shine' name, but it doesn't look like you have a ton of goopiness on your lips. Some lip glosses I have tried with a "high shine" feature have looked like I applied the whole tube in one fell swoop.

I have been using it over a lip balm and it stays around a while, as long as I don't eat or drink anything. But this can be said for just about any gloss. I imagine this would work really well over lipstick or layered with other glosses and would help make them more shiny.

And the size of the lip gloss is great, especially since it's $28. My favorite go-to gloss is maybe half the size of this one and it took me almost a year to use it all, so I can only imagine how long this one would last. Plus, the applicator is not a sponge like so many of them are, it's more like a brush for nail polish.

Hourglass lip gloss is available at (which features a couple different shades that are only available at sephora).

photo courtesy of
I believe the color of gloss in the picture is Imagine, which is one of the colors exclusive to sephora.


sarahPUFFY! said...

haha, I have this exact same gloss - reviewed it ages ago, and I still adore it. best thing I've ever worn, next to my aquafina lip oil [I made a full post dedicated to it! what devotion!] and benefit glosses.

and also, I remember finding that same video about the smoky eye a few months back. isn't that model the best? her lips are fab. and avon has a product that makes your lips look JUST like that [I think it's time to call the avon lady now!]. either way, I'm glad you're able to venture into the world of smokiness with confidence!

xx :D

Jennifer said...

Hey Sarah!
Good thing to know that we all have the same great taste! ; )
Thanks for visiting!

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