Wednesday, May 7, 2008

lancome absolue hand

I just realized the other day, that I have not talked about hand cremes in a while.

I am ashamed.


How could I do this to you, dear readers?

I decided to make it up, by talking a little about one of my favorite hand cremes....Lancome Absolue Hand.

I happened to stumble upon it when I got a GWP at a Lancome counter, a while back. They supplied a smaller, travel-sized version of this divine creme and I used up every last droplet.

I even cut the tube.

You know how desperate a woman has to be to cut the tube?

Because I loved it so much, I headed over to my nearest Lancome counter to purchase it in the full sized version.

Then I realized why I never bought it's $42 (

At that price, it's definitely a splurge.

But it compensates by being a great hand creme. It immediately makes your hands feel soft and smooth, without making them feel greasy. I also fell in love with it's gorgeous light scent. Every time I would apply it, I would breathe it in and smile.

Absolue Hand also has an SPF 15, great to protect your hands from the glaring sun.

And if all that isn't enough, it's said to help clear age spots over time and create skin that is more uniform, firmer, and younger looking.

What's not to love?

Thank you Lancome.


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