Tuesday, May 27, 2008

max factor colorgenius pressed powder

For the last few weeks I have been trying out Max Factor's ColorGenius Pressed Powder in Light ($8.50). I don't always use a pressed powder, but on days when I don't feel like going through the whole beauty routine I will put on a moisturizer, mascara and powder and call it a day.

Yesterday was one of those days.

The family and I were headed to a store and I thought I would test out my husband's ability to pay attention to my beauty routine. So while in the car I asked him if my makeup looked any differently than any other day. He said no, he thought it looked about the same.

Which I have yet to decide is a good answer or not. Am I wasting my time fussing with endless beauty products to look about the same as I would if I only had a pressed powder on, OR was my husband not paying attention at all and thought that would be the safe way to respond to me? I think I will stick with it being his safe answer.

Either way, the pressed powder does work really well. I swirl all 3 colors together since I can't figure out how only to get the brush onto a certain ring of color. But you are suppose to be able to use the 3 colors individually or combined to make the right color for you.

According to Max Factor, the powder contains irritation-minimizing minerals that provide sheer, even coverage that camouflages imperfections. It is also oil-absorbing and is oil-free and hypoallergenic and ideal for most skin types.

I like this one more than the MAC one I had before. It does seem to help with the oil control and covers enough, so on days like yesterday, I still feel that I have enough on to venture out of the house and be presentable. It works well over my foundation too and provides a nice finish to my makeup.

photo courtesy of maxfactor.com


Anonymous said...

I have a question....my complexion is olive/tan, so which shade should I use medium or deep? If it helps I use caramel beige in L'oreal Paris true match.

Jennifer said...

Hi Anon!

You sound like you might be s little darker than me...I'm on the lighter side of an olive complexion. It's hard to tell here, but the medium is darker than is showing up. It would probably be the best one for your skin tone. The dark would be too dark and wind up looking muddy on you.

Either way, definitely hold on to your receipt...many places take returns on opened beauty products if you aren't happy!


Beauty in Real Life

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have the same problem as the 1st anonymous has, I don't know which to pick. I don't really use anything right now to give you an example of another cosmetic but my skintone is the same as actress Roselyn Sanchez. Hope that helps if you could tell me which one you think would be good for me that would be great.

Anonymous said...

i just got this today in light and i <3 it

Anonymous said...

Hey there! :) Just wondering if that certain powder has SPF? :) THANKYOU!

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