Thursday, May 15, 2008

max factor vivid impact eye shadow

Hello once again from (almost) sunny Florida, a little overcast today but it's still nice out. And there is your weather report from Florida.

Jenn and I were recently given an opportunity to try out several products from Max Factor's new Vivid Impact line. And since I love all things eye related I got most of the Vivid Impact Eye Shadows, which I was a little hesitant about at first.

I am not one to go too crazy with the colors and as you can see in the picture there are some very vivid colors in there. I venture out of neutrals every once in a while, but it's not a very far trip. If I was going out for a night of fun these would probably be great to try in the more colorful options but for daytime looks I think the 2 I tried work perfectly.

I tried Peach Basket (a light pinky peach and a brown) and Smokin' Rose (pink and grey). Which are double-ended loose powder eye shadows. They are about the size of tube mascara. My first thought was that these were going to be a huge mess since the soft-tip applicator is sitting in loose powder until you pull it out to apply it. Surprisingly, there was very little eyeshadow that strayed beyond the eyelid area. It was very easy to apply. I used the lighter color on the eyelids and the darker color as eyeliner. Again, I thought the eyeliner was going to be a mess as well but it was very easy and very little mess.

The colors are very vivid and pretty much stay throughout the day. I did notice a little bit of creasing but it was minimal and at the very end of the day. These are very easy to mix and match as well and blend very well together.

I also like that Max Factor has joined the mineral makeup gang. These eye shadows are mineral based so they work well for people like me who are a little sensitive in the eye area or for any of those contact wearers out there.

There are 10 different color combinations to choose from and are around $5.50. Which a pretty good deal considering you are getting 2 different colors.

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