Wednesday, May 28, 2008

neutralize, obliterate, and conceal...noc-out cover up compact by redpoint

The genius that is Redpoint cosmetics, is evident in this awesomely named compact.

Neutralize, Obliterate, and Conceal, or NOC-Out ($38), does just that. It knocks out redness, under-eye circles, and other dark spots or unevenness you might want to get rid

Have a little redness around the nostrils?

Use Red Guard, the yellow-toned cream,and say bye-bye to that.

Hubby's snoring keeping you up late?

Use the beige-toned Eye Disguise for under-eye circles and discoloration.

Is that time of the month leaving you with a couple of pesky spots on your face?

Use the blush-toned Spot Cover and it's like they never existed.

I had the coolest opportunity in LA, where a makeup artist applied some Redpoint cosmetics for a touch-up before some headshot pics. Among the amazing cosmetics she used, this was one of my faves.

It covered up my imperfections and lasted without looking cakey.

The best part?

Every Redpoint product contains ingredients that work to combat common skin problems and the signs of aging.

It will actually make your skin look better.

I just have one thing to say to that...Redpoint, where have you been all my life?

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