Friday, May 23, 2008

physhion bags

Anyone who has ever tried to schlep themselves, a screaming toddler, their handbag, and a gym bag knows that it's just an accident waiting to happen.

I mean...really, one false move and that's all she wrote.

True, you could try and pare down to just the essentials, but the time it would take to sort through all your stuff is insane. And who wants to stuff their sneakers into their ridiculously expensive handbag?


That's where these bags come in.

Physhion bags are the brainchild of a (you guessed it) full-time mom to four (!) boys.

She has always maintained a very fit and healthy lifestyle, enabling her to be able to keep up with her brood.

But she was always on the quest for the perfect bag. One that would carry all of the necessities of her life and still look good at the same time.

After finding nothing that fit the bill, she decided to create the perfect bag herself.

She designed four different styled bags, based on four different lifestyles...The Siren (seen above), The Vixen, The Hipster, and The Fashionista.

All are 100% waterproof coated twill canvas and trimmed in Italian patent leather.

They also contain the following:

-waterproof liner
-interior shoe sleeves
-removable wet/dry pouch
-detachable waterproof toiletries pouch
-pockets for cell phone, PDA, and iPod
-interior zippered pocket
-key chain holder

Each bag even has it's own little functioning lock that is pretty enough to hang from the front as decoration.


My advice?

Get your gorgeous, multi-tasking self over to to check out all four styles. They come in great colors that are bound to impress.

I mean...really...for us to talk about know they're just to-die.

Later darlings!

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Anonymous said...

These physhion bags are the greatest idea I have ever heard of. I have been looking for a bag that has this much function and appeal for so long. I cant believe something this amazing has finally surfaced. I get so many compliments wherever I am. I wish them all the luck. I know I will definitely be telling everyone I know about them. You have to get one if you don't already have one!

Irina said...

I first saw it in Equinox, and was in love! Way to go Jennifer! Have another great idea for you...

Unknown said...

They are still available at Equinox. I manage one and they are sooooo popular AND are becoming quite the fashionable baby bag! it's waterproof so it totally makes sense. and-you will use this one after little susie has her third birthday!

Anonymous said...

I bought a bag 3 months ago and this whole bag has fallen apart. I do not recommend buying this bag if you want to use it every day. great idea but not very happy with final product.

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