Friday, May 23, 2008

real life beauty scoops...fekkai to launch home haircolor kits

The phenomenally-talented-incredibly-French-accented-and-uber-sexy hairstylist to the stars, Frederic Fekkai, plans on launching an at-home hair color kit.

We here at Beauty in Real Life are extremely excited about this.


Just imagine this scenario...

You're doing some shopping at the local grocery store. Someone spies your gorgeous color from across the aisle and runs up to you, demanding to know who does it.

You could totally just say why-frederic-fekkai-darling, in that offhandedly cool way.

And you're not really lying. ...right?

We mean one has to know that your color came from an at-home kit.

They'll just think you hit the lottery or something.

Look for the kits to hit shelves soon...we'll keep you posted.

If you're dying for some Frederic and can't wait until then, check out his Salon Glaze ($28). It's a buildable glaze that you can use in the shower. Be on the lookout for a review of that soon.

Stay beautiful darlings.

With Love (Always),
Jennifer and Christine
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Jamie said...

OMG! I already love everything Frederic Fekkai ... this will definitely be something new to try. Thanks for the heads up!

Laura said...

That is AWESOME news! I can't wait to try it.

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