Friday, May 30, 2008

sally hansen - la cross foot smoothing disk

I have tried every tool known to man, to smooth my feet.

I've used pumice stones, rasps, and a callus shaver that left me bleeding from my heel and left our bathroom looking like it was from the set of a horror movie.

And it hurt like crazy.

I would resort to pedis once every few weeks, but nothing could maintain the smooth suppleness that resulted.

It's sad really.

I mean, who wants to hear ow...what the heck did you just rub up against my leg? when your foot brushes up against your hubby's in bed.

No one.

Then I came across this little wonder in a magazine.

This blue disk is probably the coolest gadget I've ever seen.

It looks nice on a bathroom shelf and doesn't shed everywhere.

You don't need to use any special lotions in conjunction with it. And it doesn't tickle my feet...a problem I've had with other gadgets.

All I have to do is use it in the shower, after my feet have been in the water for a while. I take the disk and rub it in circles on the bottom of my feet applying a little bit of pressure as I go.

It's truly amazing.

And a little gross too...your dry skin collects in between the ridges as you work.


But, at least you know it's working.

One word of advice, it will probably take a few days until you see results (ie smoother feet). I didn't see any results until the end of week one, but that was when my heels were at their worst and I hadn't had a chance to get a pedicure yet.

All I can say is, whatever you do, don't give up. You should notice a difference in about a week, a huge difference in two.

It also helps if you add a great lotion at night, or during the day if you are planning on wearing socks with your shoes. My fave is Aquaphor. I smear this gunk on my feet and whether I use socks or not, my feet will be smooth in the morning.

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Jamie said...

I SO have to try this. Walking around in the city during the summer totally ravages my feet ... this sounds like just the thing to keep them looking fabulous!

Jennifer said...

Hey Beauty Chick!
Def. try it! Another one I'm thinking about checking out is the Ped Egg...dying to see if it's worth the purchase!

I know, just walking around my house and neighborhood with my son puts major wear and tear with my heels...esp. because I wear a lot of sandals. : )

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