Wednesday, May 21, 2008

stila spf 20 shine lip color

We love the idea of a product that multi-tasks with ease and looks great besides...even though we can't always say the same about ourselves.

Anyone who says that taking care of a toddler is easy work...has clearly never had the pleasure of hanging out with us.

One day and they would be toast.

We love our kids, but come on...we barely have enough time to brush our hair sometimes, let alone apply a million different products to our face.

So we're all about this little wonder.

Stila's SPF 20 Shine Lip Color ($22) combines gorgeous color with ingredients that can protect your luscious pout from the sun's rays and the environment.

It comes in eight different sheer shades and is scented with vanilla...can you say bonus?

Pucker up darlings!

With Love (Always),
Jennifer and Christine
photo courtesy of stila

P.S. If you order from now, you can receive free shipping with any purchase of $50 or more. Plus you can get a free sample with every order.

Better hurry though, the free shipping offer won't last long.


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