Monday, May 5, 2008

this just in...keep your hands gorgeous

One tip that can keep your hands from looking older than their years, is to apply a hand creme with at least SPF 15 every day.

Also, look for products that contain hydroquinone or vitamin C...they will help lighten spots caused by the sun over time.

A good idea is to use a lightweight serum, like Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector ($40 nordstrom) which has the vitamin C derivative.

Use the serum during the day under your sun screen, or at night on clean hands. For extra oomph, use the serum under your hand creme at night too.

Another tip...

Reduce medicine cabinet clutter by using a face creme on your hands too. Look for ones that contain retinols, peptides, and alpha hydroxy acids.

Basically, the school of thought is...if it'll work on your face, it'll work on your hands.

A good one to try is Roc Retinol Active Pur ($16.99

Just make sure to apply a sunscreen to your hands if you go out during the day, especially if your cream does not contain it..use of these products may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun.

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The Jet Set Girls said...

Our hands really date us. I always rub the backs of my hands with the extra SPF I used on my face. Better there then on my hand towels anyway. Keep up the great ideas!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Jet Set Girls:
That is an awesome compliment coming from you guys.

I agree, what better way to use up your extra SPF, or face cream for that matter...great advice!

Love you both and your blog!

Annie said...

So where can I find Roc? It used to be at all the drug stores, now I can't find it anywhere!

Miss Platnum said...

I agree! You know, some people say that we could get known only by showing our hands and they would tell everything about us... I kind of believe it! So be prepared :)

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