Monday, May 12, 2008

this just in...the swag t-shirts

We are not even going to lie to you.

Christine and I are the t-shirt and jeans kind of stay-at-home-mom.

We both have relegated ourselves to the fact that, high heels and skirts will never be our friend...unless we are heading out on a date night with the hubbies.

Our favorite kind of tees, are the ones that have that lived in quality, without the hey-look-at-my-holey-nasty-multiple-stained shirt.

There really is no excuse for that...our college days are over.

We're also pretty particular about what is on the tees masquerading as decoration.

I mean...really...can a thirty year old ever get away with a tee that says One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor?

Funny? Yes.

Acceptable for drop off at preschool?

Enter The Swag T-Shirt Collection.

The line has been noted as a favorite for "cool moms" by Cookie Magazine.

They're all limited-edition shirts made from soft pre-washed cotton. It gives it that lived in feel, without having to wait around for 20 years.

As for cool designs...the collection now includes Led Zeppelin, The Ramones, The Clash, and more. The t-shirt company exclusively licenses vintage tour tees, album covers, and historic concert posters directly from the bands.

Contemporary graphic artists remix these original designs using a rich variety of processes-vintage distressing, screen printing, embroidery, and mixed media applique-to create a unique look that captures the spirit of the era.

They retail for $74-$95 each at Saks 5th Ave, Lisa Kline, and other fine retailers.

Rock on!

with love...always,
Jennifer and Christine


nilla cookie said...

The tees sound super cute and so comfy! Now if only I could get mine in old school hip hop, that would be awesome :)

Hope you're doing well!

Jennifer said...

Hey Lilan!

I know right...that's actually a great idea for a t-shirt line...we should look into that! : )

Doing great here, maj busy preparing for LA...totally concerned about leaving the hubby alone with the boy...don't know how they'll cope ya know! : )

How are you doing?

nilla cookie said...

Uh hello??? Let's do it!! It's funny because I just wore my "C is for Crunk" tee last week and was thinking, how many more years can I really pull this off - LOL!

I'm definitely prepping for LA too, I can't wait! Your hubby and baby will be just fine.. they gotta let Mom get in her beauty time, yes? ;) It's going to be a fabulous time - can't wait to meet you!

Jennifer said...

OK...well def. talk about this come LA...btw...can you tell I love saying LA? : )

I know they'll be ok..this is my first time EVER away from home on my own without my son. EVER!

I cannot wait to meet you! I know we are so going to get along. : )

monique said...

funny! funny! glad to know that you know the "real" old t-shirts don't cut it...LOL!
can't wait to see you ladies this weekend! WOO HOO!!

Jennifer said...

Hey Monique!
You know I can't wait! See you soon roomie! : )

Jennifer said...

BTW...just wanted to mention that for us to do a posting on t-shirts, when our blog is primarily about beauty and beauty know we love them. : )

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