Wednesday, May 21, 2008

this just to de-fry your hair

I may not be a blond, but I am not a stranger to overprocessed hair.

Once upon a time...a stylist convinced me to try highlights in my medium brown hair. He suggested two shades he called caramel and honey.

Sounds gorgeous, right?

That's what I thought too, so I let him have at it.

One hour later, I was sitting there with thick chunky highlights, in two shades of yellow and yellower blond, intermingled with my brown hair.


I cried when I left that shop.

It was so damaged and so hard to style, that I decided to start from scratch and go short.

You won't have to do that now...because it's Rita Hazan to the rescue!

Self magazine recently gave a lucky woman the chance to have her fried hair resuscitated by the Hazan-ator herself.

Lucky for us...she provided tips everyone can use.

- Deep-condition strands...before Hazan touched her locks, she applied two conditioning treatments to repair the bleach damage and bring back the moisture. Our tip: A great deep conditioner to try at home is Kerastase Masquintense ($53) for fine or thick hair.

-Highlight sparingly...once she brought back the color to a nice golden-brown, Hazan only applied highlights to the crown. Thus giving her the brightness of a blond without more damage. Our tip: Always, always, always, leave the color correction to the not attempt this at home!

-Turn off the blow dryer...The color guru suggested cutting back on hair washing to every other night and letting it air dry instead of drying with tools. Our tip: Use a leave in conditioner to really maintain softness sans frizz. One to try...Pureology Instant Repair Leave-In Conditioner ($7

No go and de-fry darlings.

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info courtesy of self


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